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Icelandic Software OneSystems er en islandsk selskap, som utvikler programvare basert på verdens kjent Microsoft™ teknologi.


OnePortal Committee - er en portal som kommer i tillegg til OneRecords registreringssystem for dokumenter og OneMeeting for møtereferater.


OneCalendar er et system for møteregistrering basert på Microsoft™ operativsystem og grensesnitt og kommer i tillegg til OneCrm.


OneSystems is a company the specializes in the development of case and document solutions for the Microsoft platform. The employees of OneSystems use the newest programming technology for developing aswell as in connections and intergration to other technical enviroments to build solutions for the Microsoft environment. We offer information technology solutions to help our customers to gain productivity and efficcency in their work.
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Employees of OneSystems have many years of experience in developing solutions in the Microsoft platform. OneSystems has over 60 systems modules to offer to their customers. One Systems are, light client, good speed, powerful accesscontrol, security on the data and simple and easy to use GUI for the user.

The success of Onesystems is built on close co-operation of OneSystems employees and good relations to our customers. OneSystems goal is to provice good services and have the best employees tha have the knowledge as the best in this field.

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